The story so far...

I haven’t stopped writing since I learnt my ABC. I was told off a lot at school by a teacher with a painstakingly-sharp fringe – and equally sharp tongue – for daydreaming*. I was busy playing with words in my head that I would then scribble down as soon as I had a pen.

Writing is my life ‘cake’: if I’m happy, I write. If I’m stressed, I write. If I’m cross: I. WRITE.

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve had the privilege to walk past my words on vast shiny store windows in London and New York; I’ve stared at them on big tunnel billboards while I wait for the Northern Line, and overtaken them on the M25 (a well known brand’s iconic large red lorry). I’ve heard them in emotional / satirical / downright-serious voices on the radio, and seen them splashed across websites, emails, magazines and posh packaging.

And the most important thing I’ve learnt (aside from it not being the best idea to obsessively proof-read the side of an HGV as you’re flying past it at high speed), is that it’s not the product or service we’re selling, it’s the dream.

Thankfully I haven’t been told off by a client yet for daydreaming.

* Listen up teachers! Frequent daydreamers who took part in a 2017 scientific study scored higher on intellectual and creative ability, while MRIs showed they had “more efficient” brain systems, compared to those who daydreamed less often… just sayin’.

On a slight tangent, I’ve also just finished my first novel – a young adult thriller – represented by Hellie Ogden at Janklow & Nesbit.

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