Writer & word-power wielder

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Hi, I'm Jo.

A creative, strategic and award-winning copywriter based in London. For the past fifteen years I've helped global, national and small-yet-mighty brands attract, inspire and connect with the power of words.

Fashion - Beauty - Retail - Wellness & Health - Charity - Food & Beverages - Luxury & Lifestyle

Thanks to my lovely clients, I've had the privilege to walk past my words on shiny store windows in London and New York; stared at them on big-tunnel billboards while I wait for the Northern Line, and overtaken them on the M25 (a well-known brand's iconic large red lorry). I've heard them in emotional / satirical / downright-serious voices on the radio, and seen them splashed across websites, emails, magazines and posh packaging.

And the most important thing I've learnt (aside from obsessively proof-reading the side of an HGV as you're flying past it at high speed is not the best idea), is that it's not the product or service we're selling, it's the dream.

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